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Perfect Weddings don't just happen: they are planned!    Even a simple Wedding needs careful organization.


Civil ceremony

According to Italian law civil ceremonies are only held in Town Halls or other properties acquired by the local authorities to be used as such.

Ceremonies are held from Mondays to Sundays morning between 9:00am to 12:00am and in the afternoon from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm but opening dates and time vary from one Town Hall to the other.

Requirements set out by the local Registrar:

bulletCertificates of No Impediment issued by the competent authorities
bulletPhotocopy of valid passports
bullet2 witnesses.
bulletInterpreter if neither party is conversant with the Italian language.
bulletRegistry fee (this varies from one Town Hall to the other and will be notified on booking).

Additional documentation may be required according to citizenship and interested parties will be informed accordingly on booking.

Religious ceremony

In Italy a Catholic ceremony can only be performed in a church and if at least one of the parties is catholic.  For divorced or non-catholic parties requirements to be met in order to satisfy the local church authorities have to be ascertained on the basis of documentation and information at hand. 

Documents required for a catholic wedding:


Prenuptial investigation form filled in by local priest containing all necessary information on both bride and groom.


Letters of Freedom.


Certificate of Baptism.


Certificate of Confirmation.


Church administration fees: this vary from church to church and will be notified on  booking.

Above documents will be passed on by your local priest onto the local Chancery for obtaining approval and then will have to  be forwarded in original to the priest in Italy for being processed further by the competent church authorities .

Church papers need to reach the priest in Italy 3 months prior the wedding date.

Non-Catholic Weddings or Blessings

Documents required vary according to church denomination and they need to be evaluated from case from case.


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