25 Ottobre 2021

Real Romantic Wedding in Rome

When we met Cassandra and Michael two years before their wedding date, we were touched by their amiability, and their excitement in organizing their romantic wedding in the city they loved best, Rome. They were aiming at a Catholic wedding, so we had plenty of time to organize the paperwork they needed from Australia. On a wonderful day in May, when Rome was blessed with its famous cooling wind, Michael and Cassandra were married in a beautiful Baroque church in the city center. The ornate decorations of the Church only required centerpieces at the altar and at the church entrance. Cassandra’s emotion is plain to see in all the pictures, and we still remember her excitement during her preparation at the Plaza. The rooms of this hotel are especially beautiful, as well as the entrance hall, the perfect backdrop for amazing shots of the bride with her bridesmaids and her family. After the ceremony, minivans drove the guests to the Pincian Hill, from which they enjoyed the view over Rome during the cocktails. The entire wedding was about partying among intimate friends and relations, radiating the serene atmosphere of true love. The third floor of this villa offers a wonderful hall with golden decorations and stuccos, and a coffered ceiling, which inspired us to set up two long tables decorated with golden candelabra and ivory flowers. The candelabra helped balance the size of the hall, and the color palette harmonized with the stuccos. The day ended with the cutting of the cake with a view of Rome at night. Exactly what they wanted, to share the magic of the eternal city with their dearest friends and relations.

If you wish to have more info about this Romantic wedding in Rome, do not hesitate to CONTACT US.

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